PGP/GPG Public Key Directory


This PGP/GPG Public Key Directory is a list of Public Keys for PGP/GPG voluntarily submitted by users for secure communications. Critical website Public Keys are also published here for users to verify the integrity of the website, it's contents and email interactions with ASKG.


All PGP/GPG Public Keys are to be voluntarily submitted to the ASKG Publication Email and must be encrypted with ASKG Publication Email's Public Key (available below) and signed with YOUR PUBLIC KEY that you want to submit (use your public key you want to submit to sign your public key you are submitting). All keypairs MUST BE RSA/DSA 2048 bits AND BIGGER and/or ECC 256 bits AND BIGGER. Submission of Public Keys meeting the above criterias would be seen as an explicit consent for publication of the Public Key in this Directory unless disputed afterwards or before. ASKG have the absolute rights to decide to publish submitted Public Keys and also delete submitted Public Keys anytime ASKG wants without needing consent and Submission of Public Keys meeting the above criterias gives ASKG such absolute rights to publish or not publish your Public Keys on ASKG's Directory or to delete your Public Keys from ASKG's Directory anytime and for any reason as ASKG wants.