A New Definition Of Security

The evocation of the word 'Security' have been used throughout history with many meanings and intentions. Some of the intents behind the usage of the word 'Security' may not be what it seems. Politicians and Governments in the past and current era have used the 'Security' word to invoke ideas of the supposed protection of National Interest but fails to define what exactly this 'National Interest' is and how it is done. The side-effects of peddling this badly misused word creates a sense of confusion and insecurity whenver the word 'Security' is brought up which is opposite of what it sounds to be. Security might represent the protection of interest of the whole public poopulation and the ruling echelon. Security might also be used to express the protection of individual interest or the proection of the so-called National Interest by the means of protecting the ruling echelons' interest so that the protection of the ruling echelons would indirectly bring about the supposed benefits of Security to the society as a whole with or without regards to the direct personal and individual security of the general population.

In an attempt to clearly distinguish the different types of security, I would like to introduce a few new terminologies for Security to better define the types of Security and distinguish them according to their protection methods and purposes. This should clear up the false sense of Security when the word 'Security' is applied wrongly according to different contexts.

Hive-Mind / Upper Echelon Security:

Hive-Mind Security or Upper Echelon Security is defined as the protection of the Hive-Mind or Upper Echelon of society in an attempt and belief that such protection afforded to the higher ranks of society would constitute to a whole protection of society by virtue of protecting the higher ranks of society. A live example of Hive-Mind Security would be the past and current raging Crypto Wars, the higher echelons of societies have regarded Data Security on an individualistic level as a means of evading analysis and detection from civilian and military intelligence gathering units and agencies monitoring the people they are suppose to protect. Politicians and Intelligence Agency representatives have invoked 'National Security' as the reason to fully remove these civil protections from the people and subject them to rigorous screening and privacy intrusions in the name of 'Security' while affording themselves as the ruling echelons the rights to the highest protection measures available by any means including the highest assurance levels of Data Security.

Ant / Individual Security:

Ant Security of Individual Security is the self-defense on an individual scale. Individual security is the protection of an individual against a group or other individuals. The security mindset is that equipping every individual with the ability to resist as a defensive mechanism that would allow society to be better protected from every individual's efforts. This level of security is in direct conflict with the Hive-Mind Security model as it prevents the upper echelons of society from being able to effectively and fully intrude into the privacy and security of an individual whom is not of an elite class. The past and current Crypto Wars are an example of the constant tension between the upper echelons who wants to abolish personal security and privacy and the common individuals who wants to protect themselves.

Hive Security:

Hive Security is the inclusive protection of everything and everyone. Hive Security is the idealistic scenario where all ranks and files in the society is capable of protecting themselves in an individual and group level. This is the common ground without any compromise on either sides. False sense of security afforded trying to reach Hive Security status by means of Golden Keys, Front Doors and the likes would still be considered as a compromise of Individual Security in favour of Hive-Mind Security and thus not be considered Hive Security which requires full Individual Security.

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Written On: 25 Sep 2015
Published On: 25 Sep 2015
Author: Thotheolh