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This section contains papers and publications of myself and others who have willingly contributed their papers here that contains research information regarding Cryptography, Information Security, Obfuscation, Hardware and Software Security, Secure Protocols and many other research materials in the field of Security surrounding Digital Technologies.


The publications here are not checked for correctness of their principles and theories. They are published as it is according to what the authors have submitted. Please do not assume the correctness of the papers published.


Authors of papers may request for their papers to be published on this website by visiting this page.


All papers published in this publication section assumes that the authors themselves have taken care of their own licensing, copyrights, trademarks and patenting issues and conditions. All readers are to expect the papers and their contents and technologies therein to be licensed, copyrighted, trademarked and patented and should negotiate with the authors to discuss issues of licensing, copyrights, trademarks and patents unless the authors explicitly declare in the publication papers the nature of the license, copyrights, trademarks and patents to the readers. ASKG is not responsible for any infringement of licenses, copyrights, trademarks and patents in any way and it is the readers and authors to settle them without and away from ASKG's involvement.

Do note that all papers published are naturally copyrighted (implicitly) to the authors unless specifically stated otherwise. Anyone using materials from the publications here or elsewhere must attribute relevant portions of contents to their copyright owners and a reference be made in commonly supported referencing and citation formats.


Authors of papers may publish their email addresses directly and request for this Publication to allow their email addresses be published. Authors who wants to remain in pseudo-anonymity could request this Publication for their email addresses be withheld and this Publication's email as the escrow email address. Readers can contact the authors via the escrow email address (if enabled). For confidentiality and message integrity, the email contents can be encrypted using the author's published PGP/GPG Public Keys before sending to the escrow email address and forwarded to the destined authors if available. Please visit here for a PGP/GPG Public Key directory.